Guiding Principle

“We must be the change that we want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1949)


We represent our interests
We are primarily a nationally active graduate association. We are autonomous and politically independent. 

We are facing up to the momentum of the competition 
We represent CHE graduates in Switzerland, Europe and indeed worldwide. 

We take responsibility for our profession
As a national association, we bear great responsibility. We represent our members conscientiously in the Swiss education system.

We establish contact
We are consistently expanding our national and international network, so we can pull strings more easily.

We approach the new with confidence
We think innovatively. Our members should comment on our work with “why not” instead of “yes, but”.

We promote our image
Our task is to promote and clearly position our profession in the economy, in politics and in the public domain.

We are partners
Our relationships with our members are based on fundamental interpersonal values. These include fairness and mutual respect.

We operate with vision
We influence the education and training opportunities of our members. To do so, we orientate ourselves to current and future events.

We are effective
We appropriately invest in the resources that we have available to us. To do so, we orientate ourselves towards the needs of our members.

Our Members

Today we have around 13,000 members, who are represented by us in terms of education policy. These come from the following eight disciplines:

  • Technology
  • Hotel industry restoration and tourism
  • Economy
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Health
  • Social and adult education
  • Arts, design and design
  • Transport and trafic


The ODEC is strategically managed by a multidisciplinary board. Operationally, the ODEC is managed by the office in Winterthur. The member associations also ensure direct contact with the members.

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