Our positioning

We are the sole Swiss association for all CHE graduates.

The appreciation and good image of your CHE degree are our mission:
We guarantee that a CHE degree is acknowledged and valued in both the economy and the public domain.

Thanks to our network, you’ll get an insight into new domains and new job prospects:
We provide opportunities to exchange experiences not just within one field of study, but also across sectors.

The national and international recognition of your CHE degree increases your mobility:
We ensure the recognition of CHE degrees both at home and abroad and document CHE degrees, as well as the further training on our CHE register.

You receive up-to-date, objective and neutral information about CHE training:
We offer the most comprehensive platform with all of the important information about CHE educational programmes, further education and educational institutions. 

We give you a political voice:
We take note of the interests of CHE graduates on a political level and stand up for practice-orientated education and the permeability of the Swiss education system.

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Our Members

Today we have around 13,000 members, who are represented by us in terms of education policy. These come from the following eight disciplines:

  • Technology
  • Hotel industry restoration and tourism
  • Economy
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Health
  • Social and adult education
  • Arts, design and design
  • Transport and trafic


The ODEC is strategically managed by a multidisciplinary board. Operationally, the ODEC is managed by the office in Winterthur. The member associations also ensure direct contact with the members.

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