About us

About us ODEC is the leading association of graduate of Colleges Higher Education in Switzerland.

The ODEC, headquartered in Winterthur, is the Swiss Association, which represents the Graduates of graduates of Colleges of Higer Education of all specialisations. ODEC was founded in 1981 as a Swiss Association of Technicians TS (SVTS) and opened in 2005 with the creation of the CHE education level for all specialisations.


Our mission

The main objective of the ODEC is the positioning and representation of interests of the graduate students in politics, business and society at national and international level. Important further concerns are the further development of the HF education program and the expansion of further training opportunities.

Our independence

The association is financed by more than 85 per cent through membership fees, which means that it acts independently from the federal government, the cantons and the economy, which ensures a consistent interest in its members.

Our Members

Today we have around 13,000 members, who are represented by us in terms of education policy. These come from the following eight disciplines:

  • Technology
  • Hotel industry restoration and tourism
  • Economy
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Health
  • Social and adult education
  • Arts, design and design
  • Transport and trafic


The ODEC is strategically managed by a multidisciplinary board. Operationally, the ODEC is managed by the office in Winterthur. The member associations also ensure direct contact with the members.

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